Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thread: what's the big deal?

Take thread for example, why would it ever cause an issue. There are only about a hundred different kinds, silk, rayon, metallic, cotton covered polyester, mercerized cotton, silk finish cotton, top stitching, quilting, etc. etc. Then come the weights, 50w, 40w, etc. You get the idea. So what thread for which project? I would think cotton for cotton projects is a great place to start. For now anyhow.

Oh, I forgot, needles to go with that thread. There are as many choices for needles as there are threads. 

Since I'm quilting a cotton quilt I think I'll use a quilting thread with a quilting needle. 

Oops, Oops, Oops I can't seem to get beyond one minute without thread breakage. Change needle. Break... sew... break. It's driving me freaking crazy. Change needle again. how about now? sew, sew,... break. I've been on this road before. maybe the thread is coming off the spool wrong and twisting. Stop , turn thread upside down. How about now? NOOOOOOOOO! I'll google for help.  

This lady says she uses a JUKI machine. that is what I have. She only uses King Tut thread from superior threads. 

lucky for me there is a huge quilt show with a large vendor choice that my friend is at. She had asked if there was anything I needed. 

Dial, yes, would you please........

Oh joy!!!! SING!!!!!!!!! it works. my new fav.... KING TUT.


  1. Hello -- I noticed that you're following my blog and want to say "welcome!" Do I know you? Can I see your work? The title of your blog leads me to believe there is fiber involved and I am therefore immediately interested . . . and then it looks like you must be a mormon . . . double interested . . .

  2. I don't know you but my husband directed me to your sight. I think he discovered it from Nancy Pratt. She is his friend. Do you know her?
    I love textiles. All textiles and fiber, there isn't one I don't love with a passion. I have done a lot of surface design work or experiments. I've done everything from regular quilting to fashion design. I have dyed, printed, manipulated, and created fiber art. I have done some wet felting both from knitted work and from roving onto lighter weight fabric. You get a very interesting fabric that can then be used for wearables. more recently, the last 3 yrs since our move to Ca, I have been doing more custom sewing and fashion design work. I always wanted to do fashion design but my degree is in Fashion Merchandising. Now, with the encouragement from a jewelry designer friend,I am finding my dream very much still alive in fashion design. I hope to start using my surface design experience in my fashion work. I will be taking fashion design classes at a local community college starting in january. I am quite good already with my sewing skills but need some finer tuning.

    So when my husband (Mel Walker) directed me to your blog I fell in love with your work and enjoyed reading the blog and found it very fun. I would actually be interested in buying a piece. I love whimsy art. Especially in a textile medium.

    I am really new to this whole blog thing and my talents in using the computer to its fullest potential are very limited. Maybe I can figure out how to post some pictures like you did. Maybe my 14 yr old son can help?

    I love reading your posts so if you read mine just do with a kind heart. I'm not much of a writer, but you inspired me to give it a try. And yes, I am mormon. I grew up in Sacramento but lived in Utah for about 20 years until 31/2 years ago. We actually love living here in the San Francisco bay area. Winter consists of only rain and 40 degree highs. But it won't come until January, so for now we enjoy a range of 60 degree weather. (I know I shouldn't rub it in but I still have flowers blooming)
    BTW my name is Melanie.