Monday, May 11, 2009

Today I spent a few minutes making this cute little dress for my grand daughter. It is very simple and since she lives in Arizona I think it's perfect.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Patternless sewing

The July  Threads magazine has an article about sewing a bias topper from two squares. I just adore patternless sewing and always find it enjoyable. I purchased the magazine friday afternoon after going with my DH to see the new Star Trek movie. A must see btw, even if you are like me and not totally a sci fi geek, it is very good. I was tearing in the first five minutes of it. Back to sewing. Two squares one large and one small. Now, you do have to go back to your basic algebra to figure the size of squares. I tell my 14 yr old DS that math does apply in every day but he still is not sure he believes me. Well, believe me you need to remember that a triangle is A^2+B^2=C^2.  and then since two sides are equal you need to know that 2x A^2=C^2. I know this stuff so I can figure out my square sizes. Anyway, go now and  buy the issue of Threads and make yourself a topper. I'll admit here that I did have to make it twice. The first one was looking very cute until I decided I wanted a larger neck opening. Then I attempted to repair the gapposis and let's just say it turned UGLY!! I decided not to despair and tried again remembering my mistake. So here is my version. 

I made this one with a beautiful poly crepe purchased in the remnant department at Britex in San Francisco. I've had this beautiful fabric for a couple of years and finally decided to use it. I'm in the mood for a gorgeous pink. It must be spring! 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vogue 1113

I was lucky enough last week to make a JoAnn's run for vogue patterns at $3.99. WOO HOO!! I first went to a super store and found this fabulous new pattern. I wanted it in both size ranges and so went to another store to get the other size. When I got there it wasn't listed in the pattern book. I was confused and then realized this pattern must be a brand new one. I flagged down a salesclerk and had her check the back room for patterns still in the box. Sure enough, they hadn't put them out yet. I think this is a fabulous pattern!! I love the geometric quirky things. When I finished sewing the jacket, the button I was thinking of using didn't seem right. I thought about this vintage brooch and it is perfect! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've been holding out

Yes, it's true I have been holding out. I have been sewing and not blogging about it. :( I have finished a quilt top for my sister.
the quilt is not quilted. However if you would like to see the quilt in process there are more pictures here:

New Fabric from Josephine's

If you happen to be driving through Portland Oregon, you may want to consider stopping in at Josephine's Dry Goods. It is a VERY lovely higher end fabric store that is just a joy to be in.  My DH is the best. He planned our trip with a stop for the night in Portland so I could indulge. How many husbands are willing to not just let you spend two quick minutes in a nice fabric store but plan your overnight you could spend a couple of hours if wanted? WOW. I only purchased three pieces of fabric.

This is a beautiful brown italian linen with  a lighter color mixed in and the black is a bamboo woven fabric that feels very much like a nice rayon challis. 
It's  a little hard to tell but the printed fabric is a wonderful japanese made double cotton gauze fabric. It is a two layer fabric with what looks like small stitching holding it together, visible from the wrong side.

We did have a wonderful trip and were able to spend time with my MIL and SIL and have a few days on San Juan island as a highlight. Next year we are hoping that my wonderful SIL will be able to come to the island with us. Here is a pic of our favorite place.  the top pic is our favorite place. I'm still figuring out how to get the pictures where i want them?? Have a great sewing day!!