Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I actually have been sewing

So something happens to me when I get going creatively. I just go. I don't actually forget that I would like to write in my blog, I just can't seem to get my brain to go there with me. I will look at it and see the same photo on top and think, "I really should update that". And I go on, in this case drafting patterns. I drafted a fabulous skirt that I gave to my sister-in-law for christmas. I had my brother's family to give a gift to.  I was sewing and my sweet SIL wanted something Original from me. So she got the gift. The whole gift. The other family members get to see her happily wearing the family gift. Here is the link to my flicker account with the few things I had just finished up along with Amy's skirt.

I also made a couple of darling dresses for my granddaughter who is 4 1/2. She loves dresses and loves pink. Here is the link to those pictures. So sorry I'm not on the computer that has the photos. Darn. But I decided it was better to write and update a bit while I am willing and feeling the grove to do so.

See if you can figure out which dress was made from a piece of "ugly" fabric I had on hand. I am taking a designer techniques class at Canada College fashion dept. and got the inspiration to use that piece of fabric for a dress. Before this class I couldn't imagine ever taking the fabric and having something come out so darling with it. I learned to make the collar, easy BTW, and then inspired by pockets made the pockets out of matching collar fabric. My granddaughter LOVES it as did I. My daughter has issue with the pink and blue gauze dress because of the added rick rack. I happen to think the rick rack adds to the otherwise somewhat boring dress. What is your opinion? Do you add things into your sewing projects that take them from ordinary to extraordinary? Next post I'll put up pictures of my mobius band scarf that I knitted while I needed a few days break from making a princess seam pattern for myself. It can become tedious when trying to get fitting correct and having to remake several muslins. The end result it worth the time - just getting there can be exhausting. I'll also post pictures of my first project I made for my techniques class from a self drafted pattern as well.