Saturday, January 16, 2010

Le Fred's Clio pattern

My new favorite ready made pattern is the Clio blouse from Le Fred.

This is my first one made directly from the envelope with a linen/rayon fabric as suggested.

Here is my crepe de chine version. I took out the center seams and made the skirt fabric from pin-tucking it. I also like this fabric with the one layered underneath the skirt.  I also wanted a v neck and wanted a more flowy drape.

I also added a lightweight stretchy elastic across the back bodice seam for more waist shaping. It's not the best photo. I took it after wearing without pressing it.

Now I wanted to try it with a cowl neck. The first one below is a polyester chiffon. This final version is some silk chiffon, two layered skirts with the top skirt shorter. It is lined with silk charmeuse. I LOVE this pattern and have several more ideas for manipulating it with even more fabric types. 

Thanks Fred for your great "Clio" pattern!!
For more photos including the backs of these check out my flicker site.

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