Friday, November 28, 2008

Where do you get inspiration?

Where do you get your artistic inspiration? Well, today for me, it was shoes. Wonderful, delightful shoes. I'm sure there is a new outfit in my head now forming around these shoes. And I'd like to wear them with funky tights. I have a strange green/yellow pair, sapphire blue, wine/purple, brown, boring black, black fishnet and a silver pair. The sapphire, wine, or yellow pair would all look lovely with these shoes. I'm going to have to give some thought to the perfect outfit for these shoes. Be rest assured they will go with the shoes and the tights. I've been noticing that almost anything goes in the designer world.  I've been told I am very good at putting things together. I take them at their word. I decided a while back that who cares what people think if I like something, I like it, and I wear it or buy it and/or put it in my home. It works for me and I have things I really enjoy. What is interesting about this approach is that I get away with it. People tell me I could pull off wearing this or that, but they never would. I've decided it is attitude or an aire of feeling comfortable in your own skin. Mid-life crises have turned into a very good thing for me. Something does happen after forty, something very fun and exciting if you're up for the challenge. I love wearing what I want because I want to, regardless if it is matchy, matchy. I am no longer concerned about it. I always thought I'd have to be thin to get away with that. Guess what... you can be fat and still get away with it. It is the greatest thing. When you mentally get ready to lose weight, go for it. But until then, let it go. You might as well have an enjoyable journey. When I get an outfit idea to go with the shoes I'll post the picture or the concept drawing. meanwhile I'll have to figure out how to get the expensive shoes.

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