Monday, January 26, 2009

Lessons Learned

There are things in life you simply will never do twice. 
It reminds me of moving to the San Francisco east bay. Just after moving here my daughter was about to give birth. I being an excited first time grandma decided I wasn't going to miss this birth. Since my husband was at the office I had a friend drop me off at the local BART station and I just knew I could get to the Oakland airport easily. To make my point I will just tell you I ended up at the Embarcadero in San Francisco. By the time I hooked the next train back and got to the airport I had missed my flight and ended up on a red eye. I will NEVER miss that stop again. I have made that trip many times since, very successfully. I will also say here that I did witness my grandchild's birth.

The new lesson... I decided I would buy the fabric for my tailoring class inexpensively. I needed 100% wool. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and have been sewing for many years and so I had every confidence I could choose 100% wool fabric without much problem. At the warehouse type fabric store I ran into a fellow classmate also having the dilemma of not wanting to spend top dollar for fabric. I suggested to her that she run a burn test before beginning. I on the other hand KNEW my choice was right. I chose two nice fabrics just knowing they were 100% wool. Later that evening while contemplating my good fortune I decided that maybe I should take my own advice and do a burn test on my fabric.

Well, you know I was stunned to find that my wool fabric was NOT  100% wool but was indeed a blend!!!! An expensive mistake. The two fabrics while being much cheaper per yard, were by the time I purchased two fabrics with an ample yardage a very close price to my guaranteed from a reputable dealer wool. :(  I will never buy ample yardage from a lower price dealer without the appropriate burn test. I remember the old adage, "you get what you pay for".  Well, once again it holds true.

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