Monday, July 25, 2011

MOULAGE or fitting the French way

vThis past spring I took a moulage class from Lynda Maynard at Canada College in Redwood city.

A moulage is the beginning of a sloper. It is a  "sausage" casing for your torso as Lynda calls it. It is the precursor to a sloper. It is taken from your actual measurements and put to paper. The ultimate of fitting can be obtained quickly using this method. Lynda Maynard and Kenneth King are good friends so it was only appropriate we use Kenneth's book on CD to learn this technique.  Here is the link to order one for yourself.
I highly recommend trying it out. You will be amazed as everyone who took the class was at how close everyone was to having a fitting sloper in flat pattern. The moulages were done in muslin and were fitted. A second moulage was sometimes needed but quickly made. Then we took the moulage to sloper and made a muslin. By the end of class we each had made a basic sloper pattern. If you've ever wanted to conquer the fitting challenge I recommend Kenneth's CD.  You can have your CD made into a hard copy very easily at Kinko's.

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